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Stop Pitching! 8 Media Pitch Examples That Will Help You Get Noticed

You’re sick of it, aren’t you?

You’ve spent hours working on subject lines, crafting convincing stories, and you even followed up religiously.

Yet, your press pitches to journalist and commercial marketing teams keep getting rejected.

Getting press is important for any brand. A single story in a top publication has the potential to make or break your client.

But getting rejected, ignored, or over looked can be hurtful and feel like a waste of your time.

For all of its mysteries, PR is a skilled business that allows professionals to develop sponsorships on your behalf, find the right angles, and send a stellar pitch!

1. Target specific writers, not publications.

Stop pitching and start rejoicing! Here at Cultiv8PR LLC we won’t make the rookie mistake of sending an email to a generic address like

This hasn’t worked for you because generic catch all email addresses are usually inundated with pitches. Unless you have a story like Michael Kors acquiring Versace for $2.1 Billion.

A better approach is to allow PR professionals to target specific writers at each publication.

By doing this you can: Target writers who cover stories like yours, Develop a relationship with each writer, and increase your chances of your email being read.

Plus this gives you an opportunity to personalize your pitches.

2. Always target the right beat

A “beat” is a journalistic term for a journalist’s area of focus. These can be broad (“music, technology”) or narrow like (“natural hair brands”). Industry specific publications usually cover narrow beats.

3. Allow US to invest in relationships

PR is highly personal. You don’t just reach out to press contacts when you need something from them. Instead, you should build long-term relationships with them which can be time consuming. Hiring an agency to build long lasting relationships will allow you to focus on you’re the more important aspects of your brand.

4. Writing a pitch that won’t get ignored

Creating a pitch that makes journalist’s eyes light up like a kid opening gifts on Christmas morning.

- An angle that piques their curiosity

- An attention-grabbing subject line

- A short, crisp email that instantly gives them value

5. Finding the Right Angle

To create a read-worthy pitch, you need to make sure it is:

- Relevant to journalists interest

- Timely ( with respect to a recent story)

- An had the potential to get a lot of traffic

Combining all of these things will lead to a pitch that won’t get ignored.

6. We’ve mastered crafting the perfect subject line

Your story could have an amazing hook, but if he right people aren’t even reading the pitch, it won’t do you any good. This is why hiring a publicist or PR agency is important! Recognition is key. Allow us to spend time crafting the perfect subject line.

7. Let us do the pitching

- All great pitches are relevant

- Under 300 words

- Highly readable (short sentences, bullet points)

8. Stop being bad at PR

Avoid sending book long pitches, typo emails, and uninspiring subject lines by partnering with an agency that can share your brands story on a larger scale. With our incredible networking skills and contact list, you really have no excuses to let your brand go unnoticed.

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